ACBN Timeline


Announcement of ICA Symposium, February 2019

The upcoming ICA Symposium is scheduled for the 4th and 5th of February 2019. It will be organized as a joint symposium between the Doctoral College ICA and the Doctorate School DSP Biomolecules.  Please register here for the Symposium as soon as possible, giving titles for presentations when applicable. Registration needs to be finished by January 3rd, 2019. Faculty members please also register, of course you do not need to give details for presentations.

New webpage

A new homepage for ACBn and DSP BioM goes on-line (the one you are reading).

DSPB retreat

The fellows have meetings with members of our advisory board and – as full-day retreat – with a colleague from the pharmaceutical industry. The topic of discussion is in both cases how to proceed with career building after the PhD is finished. We note with some satisfaction that still all alumni (by now 6) have decent jobs. The DSP seeks to establish a tradition here!

New DSPB speaker

Michael Waller leaves the University and Albert Duschl becomes the new speaker, with Chiara Cabrele as deputy.

Status of the DSPB

The DSP has at the end of the year 12 fellows and 4 alumni. Of note, all of the alumni have decent jobs!

DSPB Kick-off

Work of DSP BioM starts with a Kickoff-Meeting. Our guest of honor is Prof. Dr. Klement Tockner, the President of the FWF.

DSBP application submitted

The application for the DSP Biomolecules – Structure Function and Regulation is submitted to the Rectorate by 19 PIs, under the leadership of Michael Wallner.
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