PhD students

Sabine Bernegger
AG Weßler
The activity and role of HtrA in Helicobacter pylori pathogenesis
Katharina Böttinger
AG Huber
Thesis title TBA
Jonathan Burghofer
AG Risch
Highly sensitive NGS methods to monitor clonal dynamics in tumors under therapy
Eva Gfrerer
AG Dötterl
Local pollinator adaptation in deceptive Arum maculatum L.: A chemical-ecological view
Arthur Hinterholzer
AG Cabrele
Thesis title TBA
Isabel Josephin Hoppe
AG Brandstetter
Biochemical and structural investigations on bacterial collagenases
Sara Huber
Ag Ferreira
Mapping antibody profiles of Bet v 1 and associated food allergens during allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT)
Eva Ivanov-Kavkova
AG Tenhaken
Sugar kinases in plants
Bettina Jansko
AG Greil
Thesis title TBA
Michael Kohlberger
AG Ferreira
Thesis title TBA
Maria Köhler
AG Tenhaken
Analysis of the role of galactinol in nematode induced syncytia
Eva König
AG Lackner
Discovery and characterization of disease-related genetic variants
Stefanie Rauscher
AG Greil
Thesis title TBA
Muamera Sarajlic
AG Horejs-Höck
The effects of Helicobacter pylori on human dendritic cells
Suzana Tesanovic
AG Aberger
GLI transcription factors in acute myeloid leukemia

Status as of 2018-10-01

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