PhD students

Aryunni Abu-Bakar
AG Geisberger
Dissecting the diversity of treatment outcome in a mouse model for chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Ekaterina Akimova-Höpner
AG Geisberger
Deciphering factors decisive for efficacy of novel treatment options in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Katharina Böttinger
AG Huber
Characterization of post-translational modifications of biopharmaceutical proteins
Marina Cañadas Ortega
AG Weßler
How gastrointestinal pathogens interact with colon organoids and gastroids
Stephan Drothler
AG Geisberger
Investigating the immune architecture of cancer microenvironments
Tasneem Elamin
AG Brandstetter
Functional Analysis of Legumain Inhibition by Mycocypins
Bettina Faustini
AG Traweger
Characterization of tendon responses to pathological stimuli and preclinical assessment of novel therapeutics
Tobias Frauenlob
AG Horejs-Höck
Modulation of immune responses by H. pylori
Jennifer Forster
AG Egle
Alexandra Fux
AG Horejs-Höck
Exploring novel LPS-binding molecules
Alejandra Gonzalez-Martinez
AG Greil
Investigating genetic and immune profiles in cancer
Isabel Josephin Hoppe
AG Brandstetter
Biochemical and structural investigations on bacterial collagenases
Bettina Jansko
AG Greil
Genetic profiling of myeloid neoplasms and correlation with clinical parameters
Amin Kraiem
AG Ferreira
Modulation of birch pollen-induced immune responses by cytokine-mimetics and silica particles
Freia Krause
AG Schmidt-Arras
Functional Consequences of a patient-derived IL6ST-Mutation
Maximilian Lebede
AG Huber
Metabolic phenotyping of leukaemia cells by HPLC-MS
Benjamin Punz
Martin Himly
Impact of surface functionalization of silica nanoparticles on action as carrier platform
Florian Rathje
AG Aberger
Analysis of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors in Immunogenic Colorectal Cancer Organoids
Stefanie Rauscher
AG Risch
AICDA/APOBEC expression after treatment with azacytidine and decitabine and the resulting consequences for tumor therapy in acute myeloid leukemia
Rita Ribeiro
AG Horejs-Höck
Interaction between nanovaccines and dendritic cells
Naiá Santos
AG Brandstetter
Functional and structural characterization of a legumain inhibitory cystatin from Arabidopsis thaliana
Christian Scherhäufl
AG Geisberger
Immune profiling and immune editing strategies in CLL
Jamil Serwanja
AG Brandstetter
Structural-Mechanistic Characterization of Bacterial Collagenolysis
Alice Emma Taliento
AG Gratz
The role of HDACs in the biology of cutaneous regulatory T cells
Suzana Tesanovic
AG Aberger
GLI transcription factors in acute myeloid leukemia

Status as of 2022-07-22

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