Last nameFirst nameThesis titleDateSupervisorCurrent affiliation
GrassiLuigiSynthesis and characterization of post-transnationally modified proteins of biological interestTBACabrelePERORA GmbH, Heidelberg
ReglChristofQuantifizierung und aminosäurespezifische Zuweisung von posttranslationalen Modifikationen in monoklonalen Antikörpern
2018-09HuberSenior scientist PLUS
WildnerSabrinaStructural features of biologics: characterization of allergen molecules and biopharmaceuticals2018-06FerreiraPostdoc PLUS
StrasserLisaInvestigation of phospho-signaling in cerebrolysin treated neuronal cells2018-04HuberUniversity College, Dublin
GanglRomanRaffinose synthases and their contribution to the raffinose family oligosaccharide physiology in Arabidopsis2018-03TenhakenTecan Austria GMBH, Grödig
BehmüllerRobertThe role of arabinokinase in the carbon supply for plant cells2017-09TenhakenPorsche Informatik
AglasLorenzBM4SIT – An innovative causal therapy for allergy: safe and rapid induction of an antiinflammatory immune response using a mutant hypoallergen and vitamin D32017-08FerreiraPostdoc PLUS

Status as of 2018-10-01

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